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Tiny Toes & Nutella is a family, lifestyle, and mental health blog by a twenty-something mama and step-mama.

september 9, 2019 - 2-00 pm - findlay residence

I have lived all around the world and have finally settled in my hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland. (Yes, it’s as cold as you think it is!) BUT I can now get Irn Bru, Jaffa Cakes and Netflix. I love reading, festivals, wearing only black and occasionally gray, spending too much money on Amazon, make up and the most random outfits I can find.

I’ve been battling my mental health for a long time. Anxiety is a hazy mist that comes and goes but right at the back of my mind, it never actually leaves.

I own my own little piece of the city in the form of a quirky Michelin Guide Recommended Japanese restaurant by the name of Yatai Izakaya. There is never a day that goes by where I don’t feel blessed by my career choices despite the ups and downs of being a business owner!

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My one woman wolf pack grew to not only 2, but 3 when I met this little gem on an impromptu night out in the big city and soon became a tiny family (albeit only at weekends and school holidays) with him and the littlest weirdo (his daughter!)

One whirlwind romance later and we are getting married in November this year – we celebrated our one year anniversary on 28th April this year. (Yes, I did say it was a whirlwind.) When you know, you know, kids.

Our relationship is far from perfect (whose is?) but we make each other laugh every day and we’re constantly learning more and more about each other, which I think is the key.

Grateful isn’t a big enough sentiment to describe how I feel to have this weirdo in my life.

Then, just like that, Rex Monday Stewart came along on Friday 18th May 2018 at 15.32pm weighing 7lbs 12oz. He is my absolute world and I am so thankful every day for this little human.

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